Private clouds need to be isolated, scalable computing environments that can be customized to seamlessly manage any application or workload. To achieve this, it has to be built with enterprise-class technologies that can ensure reliability.

At Global Computer systems, we build private clouds that are ideal for businesses that are seeking to enhance productivity while cutting down infrastructure maintenance time without forfeiting performance, control, or elasticity.

All Global Computers cloud hosting is Tier 3 certified and in of the most secure buildings in NYC.
This building, located at 32 Avenue of the America’s, is known as The Hub because it has over 50 terrestrial carriers, content providers, ISP’s and enterprise tenants. The flexibility of our cloud offerings allows you to grow or reduce your services as often as you like.
We create a private cloud for you using two different methods:


You own your SAN with your data and rent the Hosts and licensing
This option is for the business that wants to own all their own data and not rely on a service provider to handle their data. We create you a secure private cloud using your owned equipment but hosted by our
datacenter. If the situation changes for you as a customer and it makes sense to consider an alternative to Globals cloud offerings ie – decide to bring the equipment back on premise, we will pull your equipment from our data center for no charge and give it back to you so you can either bring it back on premise or to another cloud hosted provider. This option gives piece of mind to the business that they don’t feel hostage to the cloud service provider.
If you own your own licenses and hosts, we will place that up there for you too.
If you want to rent the licenses and hosts, that option is there for you.
You rent everything
Have an infrastructure that is older and needs a total do-over? This is the perfect time to learn how we
can migrate your existing infrastructure and data to our secure cloud and it would cost you much less
than purchasing everything upfront. Your business can work with our Cloud service team to rent all the
hardware, software and licensing to provide you an affordable operating expense every month and
unlike the competitors, your bill will remain the same every month. If you over utilize the infrastructure
we will review and have a conversation about it and not just “bill you” for the over use.



Cloud Managed Services
Want to get rid of your everyday and every month work on the infrastructure and the user issues?
Add on the Global Computer Managed services to the new secure cloud you have setup and don’t
worry about a thing anymore.  Global has been working in the managed services industry for over 20
years now and we know how to get the best out of your infrastructure with the best client service.
We will perform the helpdesk user issues and the infrastructure and network management.