For most organizations, it’s not a question of whether IT belongs in the cloud. Rather, the challenge lies in finding a platform that will help optimize current assets while rapidly driving your business forward.

At Global Computer Systems, we have extensive experience and state-of-the-art tools to facilitate seamless migrations so that you can focus on what is important, your business.


Our process begins with providing business and IT leaders a comprehensive overview of their technology consumption. This means that we will conduct a proprietary analysis during the planning stages of your cloud migration to assess your current technology assets to provide a clear idea of current consumption, workloads, and performance. This approach enables enterprises to clearly and quickly identify new opportunities for growth.

Global Computer Systems will also develop a clear path to the cloud based on your current enterprise applications, usage, and workloads. Whatever you current environment infrastructure is, we would go over with you your best
options. Read on for some scenarios we run in to in the past and have the engineered answers.



Currently running a full virtual infrastructure but your server licenses are old and not supported. 
  Instead of purchasing a new Windows server license, you can rent a license from us and pay monthly
  on something that would have cost thousands of dollars.  

Your existing infrastructure is all physical and running all up to date software and licenses.
  Instead of re-creating the infrastructure, let us come there and p2v (physical to virtual) your physical  
  environment, keep your licenses and rent our hardware and vmware licenses.

Your business has a SAN already but the hosts are older and your resources are increasing.
  We would be happy to re-locate your SAN to our hosting facility and rent you the physical hosts with
  the required vmware and Microsoft licensing. 
You currently have all relatively new equipment that includes Hosts, SAN and licensing but don’t
have the proper server room to store the equipment.
We can bring all your equipment to our hosting facility 
  except your firewall and internal switches which you would need.

You’re a new company and you want to start small but be able to increase when needed.
  You can start with 1 virtual machine if you choose and grow to your own dedicated hosts with an
  unlimited amount of resources

 We can customize your solution today, first step is to call us and let’s review what you have.